What makes us different?

A Passion for Service delivery

The plain fact is we love to meet the needs of our clients. Maybe it stems from the pleasure of overcoming the intricate challenges of procurement. Or the feeling of accomplishment when a project has been successfully completed. But most likely it simply comes from the delight we share with our clients

That passionate energy and aggressive enthusiasm satisfy the needs of our clients begins even before you award it to us. Prior to making a presentation, we analyze every project down to the last detail to ensure that it matches our capabilities. Fact is, Cablecon Limited will submit a proposal only if we are certain we can do a first-rate job. More importantly, that analysis also allows us to discover potential problems, develop ways to address them in advance and give you a more realistic  plan. In the end, that means being able to build more efficiently.

A Commitment to Responsiveness

There’s only one thing greater than our passion for Service. And that’s our dedication to the needs and desires of our customers. While cost is always important, we know that it’s only one reason for choosing us to be your contractor. You’re also looking for sound project management, efficient coordination, and construction of the highest quality.

So we make it our business to thoroughly understand your business. For example, there may be one part of your project that you absolutely need to have completed before any other – if your operations are to keep running smoothly. No problem. Chances are, we already identified it well in advance and scheduled our plan accordingly. You see, at Cablecon LTD, we strategise to suit you, not to suit us.

A Spirit of Pride

At the root of our passion for quality is a deeply felt pride in the work we do. It’s a pride that extends throughout our entire company and encompasses the smallest detail. To us, construction is not only about management – it’s also about craftsmanship.

We encourage, for example, placing the concrete foundations ourselves in the crucial beginning stage of a project. And we do our own carpentry work to ensure that the finishes are also carried out with precision and skill. The pride we take in our work explains why we refuse to take shortcuts. It’s why we’re such sticklers for making sure our subcontractors use the right materials and techniques. It’s why we feel such urgency to manage costs and meet our customers’ needs. And that’s why, for over eight years, Tunnel End Investment has never missed a deadline.

Our Clientele