We have best in class procurement specialists that can provide good deals across a gamut of items in the energy and marine operations, Cablecon Limited provides procurement for various Mechanical, Electrical, Telecommunication, Instruments, Process equipment and Information Technology equipment needs. We are accredited to manufacturing companies in Europe and southeast Asia..


At Cablecon, we believe that in an increasingly multicultural world, we have to expand our efforts to reach and understand the diverse people and cultures we serve.

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Flow Station

Construction, Repair, Upgrade And Rehabilitation (Land & Swamp)
We have gained considerable expertise in oil and gas flow stations, as a result of several projects we have executed in oil and gas facilities. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach throughout the entire process. Our experience helps us to mitigate project risks and to ensure a seamless handover on completion.

We are committed to quality and excellence

  • Heat Exchangers (Maintenance & Repairs)
  • Swamp/land /Offshore Flow Station (Upgrade/Maintenance/New Installation)
  • Swamp/land/ Offshore Flow Lines (Construction And Maintenance)ETC

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Cablecon Ltd provide a competitive and diverse range of electrical products and services in Nigeria, both retail and wholesale. Today we retail more than 10,000 quality products which is more than our closest competitor. .


Cablecon Ltd is the most diversified electrical and electronic engineering company in Nigeria.  Customers have a high regard for the commitment of Cablecon Ltd  to its market, expressed also in the referrals and recommendations of project consultants as well as ongoing and repeat business.

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